Christensen Hearing Analytics has been helping thousands of people to hear since 2008. We have the best prices in town and are dedicated to helping everyone hear with excellence. We are so dedicated to making sure you can hear with excellence that we make house calls!

Whether you are a couple of blocks down the road or in Friend, NE we want to be here for you. We are focused on building strong relationships with each one of our clients and we want to be able to help them no matter what, even if they can’t make it into our office. So if you need some assistance please, do not hesitate to give us a call and Roy will be there to help you!



Who else is excited to celebrate Halloween?

Our very own Andy Meyer is so excited that he wouldn’t let the COVID-19 pandemic stop him from spreading joy to local neighborhood kids. Andy and his family want to be able to have trick or treaters stop by their home and enjoy delicious treats in a safe way, so they built this amazing contraption! This spooky set up allows the kids to maintain social distance guidelines of 6 feet while still getting to show off all of their fun and scary costumes.