Hearing Healthcare is Healthcare

March 26, 2020 — Roy Christensen

We are all stressed to one degree or another about the situation we are in.  My chosen path to help others focuses on better hearing.  Let me share some important thoughts on better hearing:

  • Hearing connects us to the people around us.
  • Hearing allows us to understand what we’re doing as well as what needs to be done.
  • How can we follow a doctor’s instructions if we can’t hear?
  • How can we work with family and friends to help ourselves and them if we don’t communicate?

Poor hearing isolates us from people and is a major contributor to loneliness.  Loneliness is associated with chronically high levels of stress.  Lonely people have a 40% higher risk for heart attack and stroke.  The health implications of untreated hearing loss have never been clearer.  Good hearing has a significant positive impact on overall health and well-being.

My team and I take seriously our part in helping you and yours live a better life.  I want to let you know about our response to the current health crisis:

  1. We maintain our regular business hours.
  2. We emphasize house calls as a preferred option to deliver care.
  3. We ask that no one just drops in for service. Please make an appointment.  We are limiting our office to one patient at a time.
  4. After each patient we will disinfect our work area as well as all surfaces touched.
  5. We continue best practices of personal hygiene and hand washing.
  6. We offer curbside service. Just call when you get to the office and we will come to you.
  7. We offer remote programming for the newest hearing instruments.

Our commitment to deliver safe and effective healthcare to our community remains unchanged.  If your needs are minor, please consider deferring a visit.  If you find yourself isolated by your hearing problem, call us.  We will find a way to help.

Best Regards,

Roy Christensen

March 24, 2020


I love my job and the patients that we serve.  One patient came in after being fit with new hearing aids from Starkey and commented on how this technology has helped her with the ringing in her ears (tinnitus).  She has heard ringing for years.  “Stephanie,” she said, “this is the first time I’ve felt peace.”  It brought tears to both of our eyes because what we do here makes a difference.   That is why I love my job.  I get to be a part of making people’s lives better.

New breakthroughs in technology can help tinnitus.  There is hope.  Come and talk to a hearing professional at Christensen Hearing Analytics to learn more.

— Stephanie Waite, Administrative Assistant